How a Toaster Oven Toasts?

Many toaster ovens are used to make breakfast (and lunch, dinner and even maybe). Toaster Oven seems very simple device, but does not give rise to certain question: How exactly, toaster oven toasts slices? Like all things in the middle?

Inside the toaster oven is a thick wire panels, where the food of the fire and toast. When you press the lever, thereby reducing the bread and fish in the center of the hook. While the bread is golden and crisp, the change of metals, especially in a toaster was too hot, and elbows. After a while, leaning on a bar by pushing the lever to release the hook and finish roasting. It also helped to push the lever to rise again, and toast.

All metals expand when heated. But how to bend the metal toaster? It seems that they are the two metals, which are connected to each other, called bi-metal adjustment switch. Metal (usually brass) grows rapidly when heated, and others are developing more slowly. This difference makes the transition from metal to turn the direction of the goal area. Bimetallic switches are used for other devices on and off to maintain the temperature of the grill and a refrigerator. The thermostat, which regulates the temperature in the house, turning the furnace and air or off bi-metal solution.

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    This difference makes the best toaster ovens transition from metal to turn the direction of the goal area.

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