CTO4500S toaster oven is use to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks this versatile toaster oven, toast, cooks, toast and reheat a variety of foods. Enjoy your favorite muffins, pizza, 9-inch pans or pieces of chicken, cooked to perfection on home or office.Slide out crumb tray and bake & toast signal bell. Non-stick interior (easy to clean) with rack advance (easy access to food)
CTO4500S toaster oven 

Product Featres and Details

  • 12-Inch Pizza bump (6 slices) and convection functions
  • Perfect broil, maximum bake, and temperature: 450°
  • Slide out crumb tray and bake & toast signal bell
  • Non-stick interior (easy to clean) with rack advance (easy access to food)
  • 60 Minutes timer, 1 rack (2 rack Positions), and 1500 watts
  • 16 Pound weight only 
Customer's Review  
We bought a toaster for about two months ago, when many of the studies. Our past was not easy, affordable Sunbeam, which lasted about 10 years to fry the lever broke.
I've never liked the "convection toaster, but chose to present conducted, because the energy savings more cooking. It's really fast in this work a lot cheaper than a conventional oven, we tend to use in the past.When the chicken once so far, and works well.

Toast is very good: crisp skin, moist (but depends on the taste). A complaint is with the controls that can be downloaded from time. Plan a particularly annoying automatic dial-up, what kind of film in the time required can not afford to select precisely the elements, like a stereo knob is smart. that not everything can be the most effective way to counter an appropriate toast, I must admit, visual, and often only a cup before the alarm sounds.
The tray is easy to clean and moves well.create hooks and turn around a slide rack in a difficult to close the door completely - we have to do a custom, us and them, the door closes properly.Try that if you buy this product, costs vary from one place to another, and too expensive.



  1. dancilhoney says at

    We use our toaster oven often instead of turning on the oven. Extremely useful if you have teenagers who want to heat up a quick snack. toaster oven reviews

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